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We aim to provide lab grade quality control without the need for static machines or specialised lab technicians in near real time.

In addition to our onsite testing device we also offer off-site lab testing as well as collaboration on joint R+D projects.

Joint R&D

Currently, we are seeking craft breweries strongly interested in quality assurance at their facilities to provide their customers with consistently high-quality beers.

The collaboration during the product development stage will strongly rely on testing our prototype at your facility and providing us with feedback in terms of test reliability, convenience of use and data usability.

Lab Testing

We offer lab service for water profile, microbiological tests (yeast viability, microbial contamination) and all relevant brewing parameters (Plato, pH, bitterness, % alcohol, colour).

We offer lab testing for customers in the Netherlands.

Based on provided tests results we offer consultancy regarding protocols for brewing new types of beer and brewery sustainability.

Let's do great things, together.