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A bioassays is a diagnostic test that uses a biological sample to quickly detect the presence of a disease or condition.

To bring bioassays to the point of care market, we are creating a solution that is Intuitive, Precise and Adaptable.

We shape the future of diagnostic testing

Behind our innovative bioassay solution, there’s a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about revolutionizing healthcare.

With diverse expertise and a shared commitment to innovation, we work collaboratively to bring our vision to life. 

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Bioassay Innovation

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We strive to provide tools that will elevate the level and streamline the quality control process.

We have set our values on
Sustainability, Innovation, Precision.

Here, at SG Papertronics, we are driven
to help others
achieve their success.

Diverse competences, extensive experience and, above all, great enthusiasm for the realization of new projects. Especially those that seem impossible.


Winning pitch at Pitch Camp by Flinc

Winning pitch at Pitch Camp by Flinc

Rapid testing of craft beer. This is what SG Papertronics specializes in. Once again, we had the opportunity to present our innovative product. This time – at Pitch Camp by Flinc.

Let’s do great things, together.

We can successfully marry different technology and expertise for your benefit and pave a way to your new product.
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