Our solution

We have a real drive for Innovation

The Beer-o-meter

Our main goal is developing – an intuitive, portable and accurate device that allows you to test the most important brewing parameters in a user-friendly fashion.

Our product will be able to initially test your water and brew for:

pH, Total Fermentable Sugars, alcohol %, beer colour and many more.

Our device is


Can be used by anyone without specific training.


Movable to where it is needed without complicated calibration.


Provides laboratory level results in 5-15 minutes.

We have successfully completed the initial round of pilot testing with a diverse range of Dutch breweries, marking an important milestone in our journey. The invaluable feedback received from these collaborations is now being incorporated into the ongoing development of our device.

As we strive to bring the highest quality assurance tool to the market, we are keenly focused on harnessing the full potential of bioassays. While initially targeting the craft beer market, our ultimate goal is to extend this technology to the point of care market. By leveraging the power of bioassays, we aim to deliver a revolutionary device that ensures precise and reliable results, empowering professionals in various industries to make informed decisions with confidence.