The Beer-O-Meter gives small brewers a boost 

With the Beer-O-Meter, Groningen’s SG Papertronics ensures that craft beer brewers can supply the highest quality beer. With this simple but high-quality plug-and-play testing system, we can register and analyse many values on the spot, such as colour, bitterness, acidity, sugar content and alcohol, within minutes.

For the fast-growing sector of craft beer brewers, the test system is a game changer, according to the founder of SG Papertronics, Maciej Grajewski. Continuous quality of the beer normally requires laboratory and trained personnelThe costs are simply too high for most craft breweries. 

This test system, the Beer-O-Meter, makes a huge difference in costs and will also enable brewers to develop new specialty beers more quickly. The analysis will help the growing crowd of craft brewers to produce innovative beer of high and, above all, continuous quality.

The Beer-O-Meter has great potential which the NOM and RUG Holding also see. Jointly, they are making an early-phase investment in the development of our system.

It is precisely in the very first phase that no money is made, but a good product is produced. Soon, when the first paying customers arrive, other investors will follow too. We are now helping SG Papertronics through a difficult period. The risk of such early-phase investments is high and little capital is available in the market for this. We see an important role for the NOM in this; driving innovation.

Dina Boonstra

General Director, NOM

The NOM and RUG Houdstermaatschappij (RHM) see the great potential of SG Papertronics, because the Beer-O-Meter technology can be used in many markets.

Maciek Grajewski has worked hard to complete the investment process. That was difficult for him because as a technician he had to sell a concept. But Grajewski does deliver.

Corina Prent

Director, RHM

Prent points out that the test system improves after each analysis through so-called “machine learning”.

Grajewski warmly welcomes the support of NOM and RHM. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to build a competent team that helps craft brewers brew the best beer within their reach“. 

SG Papertronics is already working together with two local brewers from Groningen: Martinus and BaxBier. The utility of the Beer-O-Meter is also recognized by the craft beer brewers. Several parties are already interested in our technology.

SG Papertronics will establish itself in Innolab Agrifood, an open innovation lab on Campus Groningen. The Campus ecosystem is proving itself once again, because investors and facilitators support the entrepreneurs.