Winning pitch at Pitch Camp by Flinc

Winning pitch at Pitch Camp by Flinc

Rapid testing of craft beer.

This is what SG Papertronics specializes in. Once again, we had the opportunity to present our innovative product. This time – at Pitch Camp by Flinc.
The result are: enthusiastic brewers, interest from the market and the profit in the brand-new Flinc Pitch Camp – a favorable loan of 20 000 euros.

We are very grateful that we got another chance to improve the pace of development of our device. As our COO, Richard Rushby, said at the event, we are convinced we can use the prize it to speed up our plans, namely to further improve our product and make it to the market.

The technology we are working on has again been recognized as innovative and worth appreciating. It is particularly important for us, as the competition was fierce and in the final, when we met Flow Money Automation, we were not sure of our victory until the very last moment.

However, the jury chairman Bjorn Redmeijer, project manager at Flinc, stated: 

We have concluded that Papertronics can take the biggest step with the prize money.

Bjorn Redmeijer

Jury Chairman/Project Manager, Flinc

Winning pitch.

The event – which was held digitally due to current situation in the country – was preceded by a period of intensive preparation. Our management team received pitch training, we were coached by Flinc and assisted in their plans and forecasts.

On Oct 29th, we gave a 15-minute presentation on camera, from a studio in Leeuwarden. Two of the best startups had to stand in front of the lens again in the final to answer questions from the jury, consisting of representatives of NOM, Flinc and an external investor.  Our CEO found this as a surprisingly new experience:

Very exciting. I have spoken to more than a thousand people. I didn’t find that scary at all, but such a camera is much more terrifying.

Maciej Grajewski

CEO/CTO, SGPapertronics

SG Papertronics is working on developing Intuitive, Portable and Accurate device and the test system that can fathom brewed beer in a few minutes. The amount of alcohol, the acidity, the content of sugar, the color, the bitterness… these are all registered very quickly. And that helps brewers enormously to maintain or improve the quality of their beer.

In the first instance, that is still at a distance to demonstrate that we can provide test results that are useful for the brewers. In the meantime, we are working hard to finish the prototype of the test device so that they can also start testing themselves. At the end of February, we will roll out to more breweries with our Minimal Viable Product. We use the feedback to make improvements and we want to continue on the market sometime after the summer. We have conducted market research and know that the need for our tests is great. 

Richard Rushby

COO/CMO, SGPapertronics