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Behind our innovative bioassay solution, there’s a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about revolutionizing healthcare.

With diverse expertise and a shared commitment to innovation, we work collaboratively to bring our vision to life.

We specialize in

Bioassay Innovation

Quality Assurance Technology

Point of Care Solutions

Industry Collaboration


We pursue the innovation for Agricultural practices.

Development of a user-friendly, Lab in a Box solution for testing the soil and crop health


Due to monoculture practices and excessive pesticide & fertilizer usage to protect crops, farmers struggle with increasing pathogen pressure and soil degradation


This issue arises from inadequate farming practices, as change is challenging and costly, compounded by the impracticality and high expense of existing solutions, which are also slow and labor-intensive

  • Time Delays in Traditional Testing
  • Time Delays in Traditional Testing
  • Uncoordinated Monitoring Impact

User-Friendly Operation

Easy operation via a dedicated app, featuring a patented sample concentrator for streamlined testing

Cloud-Integrated Data Management

Secure cloud storage for data and protocols, ensuring accessibility and efficient management

Pod-based Chemistry

Single-use Pods with adaptable chemical assays, promoting versatility in testing applications

Adaptability and Versatility

Adaptable to different chemistry types, with a storage unit for non-dry assay components

Efficient Sample Handling

Passive volumetric sampler for controlled sample volume

Reagent Storage Innovation

Testing column for safe storage of dried reagents, contributing to long-term stability

Visual Result Analysis

Viewing paper displays color changes for visual analysis


To provide accessible lab-grade quality, portable soil testing, Pathogen testing solutions to farmers and seed Breeders and empower them to prevent
deteriorating conditions on crop and soil health.


We aim to pioneer expertise, technology, and resources for efficient delivery of actionable data, simplifying quality control processes and contributing to the evolution of agriculture.

Passive volumetric sampler for controlled sample volume

User-Friendly Operation

On-Site Autonomy

Cost-Effective Testing

SGPapertronics logotype

Reduction of crop loss

Early Detection of Pathogens

Timely Management

Minimize Disease Spread

Global Food Security

Technological Advances


Winning pitch at Pitch Camp by Flinc

Winning pitch at Pitch Camp by Flinc

Rapid testing of craft beer. This is what SG Papertronics specializes in. Once again, we had the opportunity to present our innovative product. This time – at Pitch Camp by Flinc.

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